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Spotlight #33: A Q&A with Robert Mosley (Sp' 20)

Name: Robert Mosley

Classification: Senior

Major: Legal Studies (with Paralegal emphasis)

Hometown: Batesville, MS

Why did you come to Ole Miss?

I attended The University of Mississippi knowing that I would gain more than I could imagine. I first gained insight here in 2016 at MOST. It removed the stereotype of The University of Mississippi in my mind & I knew I could create a difference in myself and the campus while I was here on my collegiate journey!

What activities/groups/experiences have you been involved with on campus (e.g., orientation leader, study abroad, athletics, military, internship)?

I currently am involved in Men of Excellence, M.O.S.T (mentor); and I hold a position as Secretary and Director of Education in the Eta Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma.

What about Eta Beta/Phi Beta Sigma caught your eye, made you interested in pledging?

I first saw the members always taking initiative, whether it be in person or on social media. I was familiar with the organization because of my family members. They only gave me a snippet of the great wonders I would obtain by joining the organization. I’ve gained brothers for a lifetime and endless networking options and a positive platform that sticks to its initiatives that will support me in helping people in every form! The chapter was so positive and welcoming that I knew through all outcomes this was my destiny to be apart of this distinguished fraternity! Since I’ve joined, they’ve wished me well and helped me excel in all my endeavors.

What are two big lessons you’ve learned from being in the fraternity?

I learned humility and that excuses are monuments of nothing. I was the youngest of my family so coming in and building a bond and being open minded helped me gain humility when dealing with my line brothers. As for excuses, I saw that whatever I set my mind to I could complete and if not on my own I have a organization full of men helping me reach the way. So yes, excuses are monuments of nothing because every goal can be reached! We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.



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