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Spotlight #29: A Q&A with Christopher Lee (Fa '19)

Name: Christopher Lee Classification: Sophomore Major: Psychology with an Education Minor Hometown: Courtland, Ms

Why did you come to Ole Miss? I chose to attend the University of Mississippi because the beautiful landscape of the campus gave a sense of home. Also, attending the M.O.S.T Conference in 2018, allowed me to meet and network with other African American students and staff which ensured me that the University is not everything the media portrays it to be.

What activities/groups/experiences have you been involved with on campus (e.g., orientation leader, study abroad, athletics, military, internship)? Currently, I am a Luckyday and I.M.A.G.E Scholar, Greek Ambassador, Luckyday Peer Leader, VP of Academics on the NPHC Executive Board, 2020 M.O.S.T Conference Mentor, and a member of Men of Excellence.

What about Eta Beta/Phi Beta Sigma caught your eye, made you interested in pledging? The chapter first caught my attention when I attended their Jumpman: Success and Leadership Summit in 2017 as a Sigma Beta. The brothers that were in the chapter at the time interacted, and created a big/little brother atmosphere. Also, they did not let that Summit become the last time that they would interact with us. As mentioned above, I was a Sigma Beta therefore I was constantly around Sigma men from social events to community service. Interacting with the men of the Eta Lambda Sigma Chapter allowed me to see the diversity and equity that Sigma men possess which influence my interest more in the fraternity.

What are two big lessons you’ve learned from being in the fraternity? Since being in the fraternity, one lesson that I have learned is that quality is better than quantity. I say this because I realized that there could be a chapter full of brothers but not all have the drive and are willing to put in the work of the fraternity like others. Those who actually put forth the effort are the one that maximizes the chapters full potential. Another lesson that I have learned is that no matter the circumstance brotherhood is forever. Coming from a home where I was the only child of course I never got to experience how it was to actually have a brother, but the brothers in this fraternity have shown me nothing less than what it feels to have a brother.



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