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Spotlight #28: Profiling Some of our Members

Eta Beta's membership is defined by diversity. In the chapters 45-year history, we have initiated some 345 members; and those members work (and have worked) across a range of sectors, from the National Football League to NASA, from doctors to college professors, from real state to personal training to entrepreneurship.

In this post, we highlight a few of our recent chapter initiates, each of whom reflects Eta Beta's legacy of diversity.


Member: Tommy Knight, Jr.

Hometown: Greenville, MS

Graduated: 2020

Degree: BA in Art minor in Computer Science

Activities while at UM:

  • Member, IMAGE program (2014-2016)

  • Intern, University of Mississippi's Biological Field Station (Summer 2015)

  • Member, NSBE Program (2016-2017)

  • President, Eta Beta Chapter (Spring 2019-Fall 2019)

  • Research Assistant, with Dr. Brian Foster (Summer 2019)

  • Staff Assistant, University of Mississippi Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (2019-2020)

Favorite Part of time in the Chapter: Strong sense of brotherhood & going against the Greek norms on campus by allowing everyone to be themselves.

Biggest lesson learned from time in the Chapter: My experience in the chapter taught me how to become a solution specialist. Learning to never give up on myself and always keep swimming until I make it to the other side.


Member: Nicholas Sisk

Hometown: Oxford, MS

Graduated: Spring 2021

Degree: BA in Criminal Justice

Activities while at UM:

  • Intern, University of Mississippi Police Department

  • President, Eta Beta Chapter (Fall 2020)

What made me interested in Eta Beta: Seeing the guys I went to high school with pledge sigma at Ole miss. The way they carried themselves caught my attention & that’s when I knew I wanted to pledge Sigma.

Biggest lessons learned from time in the Chapter: How to communicate with others while considering their feelings and personality; and how to help motivate others to reach their goals in life.


Member: Cameron Evans

Hometown: Starkville, MS

Classification: Junior

Major: Broadcast Journalism (minor: Education)

Activities while at UM:

  • MOST (mentor)

  • CONNECT (mentor)


Why Ole Miss? I came to Ole Miss because when I came for a visit, it felt like home away from home.

What made me interested in Eta Beta: I noticed the brotherhood and the social and community service activities that Eta Beta hosted.

Biggest lesson learned from time in the Chapter: I learned that being in a fraternity is not all about strolling, but about business and brotherhood.



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