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Spotlight #21: Chancellor's Cup, Greek Man of the Year; or, How to Run the Yard

At the University of Mississippi, the Chancellor's Cup is the highest honor that a Greek organization (on any of the three councils) can receive; and Greek Man/Woman of the Year is the highest honor that any individual member of a Greek organization can receive.

We are proud to say, that WE NOW HAVE BOTH!!

Our chapter received the Chancellor's Cup, which recognizes organizations who consistently demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence, community service, civic engagement, personal and professional development, and health and wellness programming.

In addition, Bro. Cellas Hayes (Sp '16), who was inducted into Who's Who Among American College Students earlier this month, was honored with the esteemed title of Greek Man of the Year.

From left to right, Jerrett Everson (Sp '18), Chapter Advisor Ryan Upshaw, Cellas Hayes (Sp '16), Ja'Maal Luckett (Sp '16), Chapter President Tommy Knight, Jr. (Sp '17), Brian Hicks (Sp '18), and Timothy Spivey, Jr. (Sp '19); Not Pictured, the rest of the bruhs who helped make this stellar showing possible

Cellas and Ja'Maal showing off some of the hardware

That is not all.

Bro. Dr. Ryan Upshaw was recognized as NPHC Advisor of the Year, Bro. Ja'Maal Luckett (Sp '16) was recognized as Most Outstanding Community Servant, and Bro. Brian Hicks (Sp '18) was recognized with the Trailblazer Award.

Here's a full summary of the awards—which were decided on by the university's Office of Fraternal Leadership and Learning:

  1. Chancellor's Cup

  2. Greek Man of the Year (Bro. Cellas Hayes)

  3. Trailblazer Award (Bro. Brian Hicks)

  4. Most Outstanding Community Servant (Bro. Ja'Maal Luckett)

Not to brag, but our list of awards keeps getting longer and longer.

In the fall, we won our third-straight homecoming stepshow.

Earlier this year at our state conference, we were recognized with the following awards:

  1. Model Chapter

  2. Most Improved Undergraduate Chapter

  3. Superior Bigger and Better Business Programming

Then, at Regional Conference, we were recognized with the following awards:

  1. The "Level Up" Award, for achieving "Gold Status," for improving on several key indicators of chapter growth and wellbeing (e.g., roster size).

  2. Bigger and Better Business Collegiate Award, for chapter programming

  3. Black Business Support Award, for chapter programming, service, and philanthropy

  4. Collegiate Chapter of the Year, for education programming

  5. Project Vita Award, for educational programming

  6. College Chapter Award, for outstanding education projects and initiatives

  7. President's Award (Bro. Deshontae Bean)

When we say #WeTheFrat, this is at least a part of what we mean.



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