Spotlight #18: Welcome Spring '19!!

We would like to welcome and congratulate our newest initiate class, spring 2019. Collectively, they go by the name "The 9 KnightΣ of a Blu Era." Individually, they are:

  1. Nicholas Porter, Jr. (ACE Roya1e) | Sardis, Mississippi

  2. Timothy Spivey (Rock Σolid) | Itta Bena, MS

  3. Viviek Patel (3rd EYE ) | Jackson, MS

  4. Lakito Bynum II (UN4GETTABLE) | Fayetteville, NC

  5. Nicholas Sisk (5th D.E.G.R.E.E.) | Oxford, MS

  6. Dontique McField (6th SenΣe) | Flora, MS

  7. Roger Harmon, Jr. (Resi7ient) | Waterford, MS

  8. Fraquan Gaines (808 MABfia)| Chicago, IL

  9. Carl Tart, Jr. (Mr. Execut9ve) | Yazoo City, MS

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