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Spotlight #13: "I saw what this bond meant to my father." - Morgan Bowie (Spring 2017)

When the time came for Morgan Bowie to decide where he wanted to go to college, he was unsure. “My only criteria were that it be somewhere ‘big’ and somewhere in the South.” Bowie grew up in Dallas, Texas, son to a financial advisor and community organizers.

After visiting campus, Bowie’s decision was made. “The beauty of the campus was just something that won me over almost instantly. Looking back on it, I’m glad it did. I’m glad I came.”

Since his first year in 2015, Bowie has found his place on campus. He has hosted a Rebel Radio show focused on local and national current events, and black culture. Most recently, he spent the summer in Sydney, Australia interning with Object Consulting. Object Consulting is an IT business solutions company. Their latest project focused on civil registration. During his internship, Morgan was tasked with identifying and researching the best global markets for the company to approach (outside of Australia).

Bowie found his way to Sigma by way of his father, who pledged the Alpha Beta Chapter in 1975. “I saw at a young age what this long-standing bond among brothers meant to my father,” Bowie says. “Being able to continue behind him by joining Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. allowed me to feel this brotherhood firsthand.”

Bowie found his way to Eta Beta through experience, seeing how active the chapter was on campus and in the surrounding community. “Being a part of Eta Beta has expanded my joy for working with local youth and overall volunteer work. I work hard for the chapter; but none of that compares to the work that Eta Beta has put into sculpting me into a young professional black man.”

His time in the chapter has brought many lessons. “You cannot always be right.” He says. “There are a lot of personalities in the chapter, and that means lots of ideas about how to solve problems and handle chapter business. It is very important to visit thoughts among your brothers with an unbiased mindset to try and find the best solution. Sometimes that means your perspective is the right one. Sometimes it means someone else’s is. What is best for the chapter and the fraternity comes first, not what you have envisioned for the chapter or fraternity.”



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