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Spotlight #12: Spring 2018 Probate - "The Icons"

We would like to welcome and congratulate our newest initiate class. Collectively, they go by the name "The 8 I.C.O.N.S.: The New Age." Individually, they are:

  1. Kejair Sparks (UnΣtoppab1e) | xx, Mississippi

  2. Jerrett Everson (The Σequel) | Memphis, TN

  3. Brian Hicks (Σtatic Σhock) | Jackson, MS

  4. Jahmari Brown (Un4seen Legacy) | Jackson, MS

  5. Kevin Richmond, Jr. (Blu Σurge) | Olive Branch, MS

  6. Nikolas Dean (Σo Σerious) | Olive Branch, MS

  7. Angelo Peters (Blu ViΣionary) | Jackson, MS

  8. Nicholas Mitchell (Blu S.A.I.N.T.) | New Orleans, LA

Click here to check out our full lineage—which spans 44 years and includes 342 members.

And, here's the full show.

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