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Spotlight #09: "You have to meet the standards you hold others to." - Courtney Jones (Fall 2015)

Courtney Jones got to Ole Miss with high expectations. “I came because I wanted to have the experience that I saw on TV,” he said of his decision to attend college at the University of Mississippi. “I would see films and TV shows talk about ‘college life’ and having lots of experiences that shape you into an amazing person. I also thought this was the best Accounting School in the state and figured that I would take a swing at it.

Jones is a native of Jackson, Mississippi; and is currently a senior Sociology and Psychology double major. Since getting to the university in 2014, he has been active in numerous campus organizations. He was a part of the AAMERG Initiative (sponsored by the Center for Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Engagement) as well as the LuckyDay Success Program. He is currently a Staff Assistant in the Office of Fraternal Leadership and Learning, where he serves as an NPHC delegate for the Eta Beta chapter, as well as several other administrative roles for the NPHC and New Student Orientation.

Jones recalls knowing, almost instantly, that Sigma was the organization he wanted to be a part of. “I always that I wanted to be Greek, and once I got to campus, I felt like Eta Beta was 'home'. It just made sense to align myself with other men who I felt were just as driven and willing to uplift one another as I felt I was.” For Jones, being in a fraternity and being a “brother” means two things: holding others to high standards, whether in terms of academic achievement, service, or relationships with fellow students; and living up to those same high standards, yourself.

The standards that Jones lives by are guided by the ethic of love. Love is not always easy. If you really care about someone sometimes you have to be tough and hold that person accountable even if Its uncomfortable or hard. The second lesson that I have learned Is that sometimes you're going to have to show up for others and yourself even when you don't want to. You have to meet the standards that you hold others to.”



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