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Spotlight #06: "We The Frat."

"We the Frat." You'll hear us say that a lot. In 2017, we adopted it as our motto. It's a way for us to tell you who we are. It has a double meaning, depending on which words you emphasize. First, we areTHE frat that always delivers, that always strives for excellence, that holds ourselves and our work to the highest standard. We are the frat that will win the stepshow, do the transformative and impactful community service project, hold each other accountable in terms of our own grades, and set THE standard on the campus of the University of Mississippi. In that way, we are THE frat, the standard and the standard bearers.

At the same time, WE are the frat. Our most honorable founders—A. Langston Taylor, Leonard F. Morse, and Charles I. Brown—and beloved charter members—Jerry Everson, Joe Brown, Michael Watts, and Everett Brown—imagined an organization that was a part of the people, and not apart from the people. We recognize that there is no us without you, without y'all, without a community folks that has helped raise and teach us. We are here to serve and honor the communities where we live—the campus of the University of Mississippi, Oxford, and the greater Lafayette County area.


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