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Spotlight #03: "We are brothers, not just a collective." - Cellas Hayes (Spring 2016)


In some ways, Cellas Hayes, a junior at the University of Mississippi, has a followed a typical path. Like most students, Hayes arrived at the University at the age of 18, not knowing what expect, nervous about the next big step in his life. Like many students from his hometown of Ludlow, Mississippi, he had had little introduction to college-level content.

In other ways—in many other ways—Hayes is atypical. He is a Biology and Classics double major, and, with a 3.2 cumulative GPA, he is excelling in them both. He is well-traveled, having spent  significant time outside of the United States: Italy, Poland, and Greece.

He was recently profiled by Mississippi Today.

The Chancellor of the University of Mississippi also gave Hayes a shoutout for his work in Poland. 

Hayes recently reflected on all of his accomplishments, noting, “Enough is never enough, and I am always seeking something different—something better—to broaden my horizons.”

Hayes is a member of the spring 2016, “5 VigilanteΣ of a BLU MABphia,” initiate class. He notes that the chapter has helped give him a sense of responsibility and brotherhood.

“Since joining the chapter, I have been able to go outside of my comfort zone especially with speaking and expressing myself. The chapter has also given me a since of responsibility…The most defining characteristic about the chapter is the close-knit relationships between brothers. People always say they like that some of us are always together—eating and doing other stuff—and we are never without each other. We are bothers, not just a collective.”



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